LokeinGO Wallet is one of the payment facilities available in LokeinGO that users can use for making a purchase at LokeinGO seamlessly without needing you to enter your Credit/Debit Card & Online Banking details each time you make your purchase at LokeinGO. Besides that, users can enjoy the Cash Rebate we credited directly to your LokeinGO Wallet.

  • LokeinGO wallet can be topped up with minimum top up amount of RM50 via FPX Online Banking, Boost e-wallet, Credit Card or Debit Card via Paypal.
  • There will be an additional fees of 3.5% per transaction when you top up your LokeinGO Wallet.
  • User can enjoy 2% Cashback for each purchase at LokeinGO and it will be credited to your LokeinGO Wallet (NOT ONLY limited to LokeinGO Wallet payment method, other payment method available in LokeinGO will eligible for cashback).
  • 2% Cashback is entitled only for a purchase with minimum amount of RM100.00 and capped at RM50.
  • Your cash balance in LokeinGO Wallet can only be used to make a purchase in Lokein Groceries Online (www.lokeingo.com)
  • LokeinGO Wallet balance CAN NOT be withdrawn for cash.
  • The amount of cash you top up to your LokeinGO Wallet is NON-REFUNDABLE (You can only make purchase at Lokein Groceries Online with your wallet balance).
  • Your cash balance in LokeinGO Wallet can be used instantly to make purchase in Lokein Groceries Online (www.lokeingo.com).
  • If the price of your cart exceeds your LokeinGO Wallet balance, the remaining amount can be paid via any other payment method that available in Lokein Groceries Online.

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